Kids' Choice Hamantaschen Cookies

Kids' Choice Hamantaschen Cookies

Kid approved.

Purim is a late-winter Jewish holiday that celebrates the defeat of Haman, an enemy of the Jews. It’s traditional to celebrate by eating triangular Hamantaschen cookies, and by playing with noisemaking groggers to drown out Haman's name.

Hamantaschen cookies are made with a crumbly pastry base stuffed with a creamy filling. New this year, the Kids’ Choice Hamantaschen Collection includes a dozen cookies in kid-friendly flavors: four each of chocolate cake, apple pie, and vanilla bean cream cheese.

Kids like the holiday because they get to play with noisemakers called groggers. They make a racket whenever Haman’s name is mentioned, which is best done while eating a delicious pastry like chocolate cake-filled hamantaschen.

Looking for other flavors? We also offer a classic collection of Hamantaschen Cookies.

Kids' Choice Hamantaschen Cookies

P-HMK Box of 12 cookies: 4 vanilla cheese, 4 chocolate cake, 4 apple pie
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Kids' Choice Hamantaschen with two groggers

P-HMK-G Box of 12 cookies, plus 2 groggers
Current Price $40
Returning February 2025
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