Tamalitoz Hard Candies

Tamalitoz Hard Candies

Sweet & spicy surprise

Tamalitoz (pronounced ta-ma-lee-toes) combine classic candy making techniques with Mexican-inspired flavors.

The bite-size striped pillows (or “little tamales”) begin as a flavored sugar syrup mixture that is carefully heated and then slowly cooled. While firm yet moldable, the candy is split into large pieces, colored, then pulled and stretched by hand until it becomes opaque and shiny. A salty chile-lime mixture is folded in before the final shaping into long, thin ropes that are cut into inch-long pieces to stiffen into a classic hard candy texture. The handmade method results in a fun variety where some pieces are packed with the sour, spicy seasoning and some pieces are more fruit-forward. You’ll be surprised with every piece!

The pineapple candies are reminiscent of Mexican fruit stands where fresh pineapple is dusted with chile and lime. First, you’ll taste the sweet, tropical pineapple. Once the candy starts to melt, you’ll get the mouth-watering flavor of lime combined with the tingle of chile.

Gluten Free

Pineapple Tamalitoz Hard Candy

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