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Lucky Dip Mystery Cheeses

Lucky Dip Mystery Cheeses

Spin the wheel and hit a jackpot of cheese!

In England they call it a "Lucky Dip," but here we might call it a "grab bag." The sentiment might be the same, but I like the Brits' words better. 

Anyone who's been to a Baseball Card show and took a gamble on a grab bag hoping to get a Ricky Henderson rookie card (but ended up with a Ruben Sierra) will know what we're going for here. This is the cheese version, except every dip is a winner, containing at least a couple Derek Jeter of curds inside.

Each dip is a mystery... you're not going to know what's inside until it arrives at your door. But here's what I can tell you: you'll get at least one pound of cheese, and at least two different types of cheese. Most often, they're going to be well aged, harder cheeses—nothing gooey or stinky, though the occasional blue may find its way in. They may not be cheeses you'll find on our website, necessarily, but I guarantee they are tasty. If you're a cheese lover looking to roll the dice, this is a great way to have fun with flavor.  

"Zingerman's is an American classic... opt for a mystery grab bag and look forward to a tasty surprise on your doorstep."
Amber Gibson, Forbes

Lucky Dip Mystery Cheeses

C-MYS at least 2 pieces of cheese, adding up to 1 lb total
Original Price $45 On Special Current Price $30
Ships for flat rate

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Store your cheese in the warmest part of your refrigerator. That’s usually the door or a drawer. Don’t freeze your cheese, refrigerator only please! Keep the cheese in the special bag we shipped it in. We get those snazzy bags from France where they’re developed especially for cheese. The paper allows the cheese to breathe a […]

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