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Passover Macaroon & Pignoli Cookie Sampler

Passover Macaroon & Pignoli Cookie Sampler

Why choose?

For Passover, the classic cookie is a coconut macaroon. Made with three kinds of coconut, egg whites, just enough sugar to sweeten them without making your teeth ache, and flavored with either real vanilla bean or super flavorful chocolate, the coconut macaroons made by Zingerman's Bakehouse are crunchy on the outside, and rich and creamy on the inside. And since they're made without wheat, they're a good fit for Passover.

Then a few years ago for Passover, Zingerman's Bakehouse started making a new wheat-free cookie: the pignoli. Pignolis are loaded with pine nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, egg whites, butter, a touch of sea salt, and sweetened with honey. They're rich and nutty and buttery, with a soft but crumbly texture thanks to all the ground nuts. And they, too, are made without wheat.

So what'll it be, macaroons or pignolis? What if you can't choose? For that matter, why should you have to? With this sampler, you can kick back, recline, and celebrate the season to the fullest with all the cookies. Our colorful, cartooned gift box comes packed with a half dozen Coconut Macaroons—3 vanilla, 3 chocolate—and 10-12 nutty pignoli cookies, for 16-18 total cookies.

Not Kosher

This product is gluten free. Although the ingredients of the pignolis and the macaroons are wheat free, they are made at Zingerman's Bakehouse where we use wheat flour in other products. If your wheat or gluten intolerance is severe consult with your physician before consuming.

Passover Macaroon & Pignoli Cookie Sampler

G-MRP 16-18 cookies, boxed
Current Price $36
Returning March 2025